Why EVs? Get the Facts

There are a lot of reasons to get an Electric Vehicle and many of them are not what most people would consider "environmental". Don't get us wrong there are plenty of those reasons but the top three reasons you might find surprising:


  • Save on Fuel – It is inevitable that the cost of petroleum will continue to go up overtime, it is a finite resource on the planet Earth, which also has an ever growing human population.
  • Avoid Wealth Export - Think about how much you spend on fueling your car each year? Virtually none of your hard earned money is being invested in enterprise within the State of Georgia. Most of it goes out of the State and about half of it leaves the United States.

    Revenue kept in Georgia per vehicle deployed
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    Projections for EV sales and revenue in Georgia

Reference: Energy Information Administration

Electric Vehicle owners deal with their your local Electrical Utility or EMC. Most of that money will stay here in Georgia to support electrical generation and all the support jobs that go along with electricity prodcution. Additionally, with the advent of the renewable energies being produced here in Georgia like biomass, renewable natural gas, hydro, wind and solar even more of that electricity can be generated here in Georgia, by Georgians for Georgians using Georgia's natural renewable resources.

  • Support Energy Security – Maintaining the oil supply chain comes at great expense and our country. It’s time to demand fuel choice. It’s time to Set America Free. Ninety seven percent of the fuel used in U.S. transportation is petroleum-based, and two-thirds of our oil is imported. With gas prices on the rise and no end in sight, our cars’ addiction to foreign oil is bankrupting us. And because so much of the oil we import comes from countries that hate us, we’re actually helping to bankroll terrorists that hunt us.

As long as our cars can only run on gasoline, we’ll continue to be held hostage. Go to www.setamericafree.org and learn more.

Discover how we can Secure America’s Future Energy

To understand the full scope of how EVs benefit America, here is the Pew Charitable Trusts Infographics.

[Source: Pew Environment Group]

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