Energy & Environment Charging Ahead in the New CleanTech Economy

John Noel, President of Energy & Environment next to his solar array that will charge his Nissan LEAFContinuing its commitment to the environment, Energy & Environment participates in Ecotality’s Electric Vehicle Charger program

Energy & Environment is pleased to announce the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger. The subsidized charger was acquired through Ecotality’s The EV Project. The program allows business owners the opportunity to install a charger funded by a grant,which helps offset the expense of installing the charger. The Ecotality project is partially underwritten by the US Department of Energy. The goal of the program is to study the use and patterns of EV charging.

“Commitment to the environment is a core value. We purchased a Nissan LEAF one year ago and are using our new EV station to charge it in a faster, cleaner way,” said John Noel, President of Energy & Environment. “We recently added a solar panel array so the car charges using solar power during the day. At these times there are zero emissions from the LEAF and none from generation of the electricity to fuel the vehicle, offsetting the discharges from the coal plant across the river.”


The new way to fuel your vehicle in the Clean Energy economyEnergy & Environment is a leading provider of lighting retrofits and energy efficiency in the Southeast and services clients nationally. “Our goal is to reduce our customer’s power bill, improve lighting quality and lower maintenance expenses,” Noel explained. “We overhauled our office space in 2010, incorporating geothermal heating and cooling, spray foam insulation, LED and high-efficiency fluorescent lighting, and a rainwater harvesting system. We believe that our energy consumption is 75% less than a typical office space.”

“We couldn’t expect customers to invest in energy improvements without proving that they work. What better way to demonstrate the results than to do it in our own office?” Noel said. “With the addition of the EV charger, Energy & Environment is darn close to being a fully sustainable workplace.”

The charger was installed by Worry Free Power, a local SPX certified EV Charger installer and subsidiary of Hannah Solar.

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